Distance Learning: Learn the advantages and disadvantages of this model for students and professors!

Distance Learning: Learn the advantages and disadvantages of this model for students and professors!
Understand why more students and teachers choose this model of education online!
Distance Learning - known in English as Distance Learning - is an online learning model, in which all operations are carried out using available technological resources such as the Internet and tools in the virtual medium that facilitate content streaming. This pattern has increased in popularity! If you would like to know more about this topic follow this article. Today we will talk about the advantages of distance education as well as the disadvantages underlying it. Useful that we will talk from the perspective of students and teachers' point of view as well.
Advantages of Distance Learning for Students
If you are a student you may be trying to understand better if the DL-Distance Learning model is useful for you! We brought you 5 main reasons why people choose this type of education:

1. Freedom of choice
One of the advantages of distance education and one of the main reasons why people choose the online education course is the freedom to study what they love.

In a traditional classroom, the student has an organizational schedule to follow. Even if he is not interested in some topics that talk about a particular area, he will have to watch those lessons and follow the entire course plan in the course.

Of course, if you choose a course to graduate you must follow the full hours of study to get the certificate. In the distance learning course there is also an educational plan to follow.

But… we have noticed people's interest in free courses that provide multiple information in specific areas. Students can choose exactly what they want to study, without worrying about a topic they don't care about.

2 - Independence in hours
In addition to the possibility of choosing the subjects of study, another advantage of distance learning is realized for students: the independence of study according to the times they desire.

Since they do not need to go spatially to the place of study like a particular institute, they can determine the timing that is most suitable for everyone.

If you work during the morning, you can study at night or even during breaks during the day. But if you are one of the people who feel most productive during dawn hours, you have the option of studying at these hours as well.

Since your chosen course is digital, you can watch lessons during your favorite times.

3- Saving time and money
A student who chooses to follow a course on the Internet can save a lot .. Not only at the time since he does not need to go to the place of lessons, but also saves money.

Because of spending on transportation, going and food, the course is usually cheaper. Professors who attend these lessons are subject to lower costs of preparation and production. This means that the distance learning model is less expensive for the student than the spatial course.

4. More time to exploit it
Since the distance learning course can be followed in your favorite times, you have more time to take advantage of it and devote yourself to other things.

When you follow a spatial course, the lessons are pre-set based on a certain number of hours. You should divide your attention between many different content and topics, and try to devote all of them in the same way so as not to suffer a delay in one of these topics.

In distance learning, you can choose a specific topic at a time. This is another important feature of distance learning. In this case, you can study more fully each of the content you choose.

Flexibility in the work environment
Since lessons are online, students have the flexibility to study where they want, provided they have an Internet connection to view the content provided by the professor.

Even if he has to travel from one place to another for a reason such as work, he does not need to miss classes or let them accumulate.

How does VPN work? Get to know her now

Before delving into NordVPN's best VPN service experience, let's first learn about the nature of this technology and how it works.

NordVPN… Specifications & Features
NordVPN supports the provision of VPN services for almost all operating system platforms.It supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems for computers and Android and iOS systems for smartphones.It also offers the possibility of supporting the application for a range of routers, which allows to provide an integrated protection cover for all devices connected to the same network Simultaneously, NordVPN provides add-ons that are compatible with popular Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, which offer Internet-only browser protection without full support for all computer activities, unlike the full NordVPN applications that support The scourge of activities across the computer without exception.
Image result for ‫كورسات اون لاين‬‎
NordVPN users can choose from more than 2250 servers from 56 countries around the world, a number that is increasing.This number is one of the most important reasons for choosing a VPN service provider, the more the number of servers the fewer users per server, which means necessarily Increase per user space per server, which means a faster connection and faster data transfer.

Users in countries with strict Internet access restrictions, such as China and some Middle East countries, have designated NordVPN as their own obfuscated servers, jamming servers that allow residents of these countries to access the Internet while overcoming these restrictions. For users of the application on computers can activate the connection to the servers Obfuscated servers through the "Settings", then choose the "Show advanced settings" Show advanced settings, and then press I know what I'm doing and scroll down to activate the servers by pressing ON in front of Obfuscated servers , The locations containing these servers appear on a map or a server selection list that will be explained in detail in the app experience section.

NordVPN also offers a number of distinctive tools that have helped put it at the top of VPN providers, such as servers dedicated to the transfer of data via P2P and BitTorrent, and offers the possibility of doubling encryption when using TOR services, and provide protection against the famous hacking attacks that hit the world recently, Known as DDos attacks.

In addition, the service provides the possibility to reserve and use a static IP address for a fee. Through this service, an IP address can be used in Germany, the Netherlands, the United States or the United Kingdom.

Experience of use
In this review we rely on the NordVPN application version for Windows 10 operating system which is not much different from the rest of the versions intended for other operating systems. In this version, NordVPN offers an intuitive and largely uncomplicated user interface based primarily on a pale blue map in the middle of the app, which makes it easy to find the right server from 56 countries supported by the app, which is also accessible via the search box in the top right corner of the app. It can also be accessed via text menus, which provide the possibility to select the most suitable server, where you select the best and fastest servers at the top of the list, and can use the Quick Connect feature that allows the possibility to connect to the fastest server automatically without manual intervention. Run the top-middle of the application, or by pressing it in the Windows taskbar.

Online courses… are more positive than negative

Online courses… are more positive than negative
The Internet has become an integral part of our lives and a cornerstone of all our work and our actions, even in education, the Internet has become a very important means of obtaining the information we want and find all the answers to our strange questions and usual from them how to make cake to get rid of baldness through knowledge of the theory of relativity and theory of evolution With all the criticism, supporters and opponents he faced… In short, science and the world are in 
your hands
التعلم على الإنترنت.
The Internet has become an integral part of our lives and a cornerstone of all our work and our actions, even in education, the Internet has become a very important means of obtaining the information we want and find all the answers to our strange questions and usual from them how to make cake to get rid of baldness through knowledge of the theory of relativity and theory of evolution With all the criticism, supporters and opponents he faced… In short, science and the world are in your hands.
First: The advantages and benefits of online courses
1. From anywhere you are… Science is in your hands
A computer for normal use and an internet line is all you need to attend these courses.

Possibilities of working from home

Join thousands of people who make money online in their own way through websites, training courses or unique marketing strategies.

Sell ​​your photos online
Some people have a knack for taking pictures. If so, you may be able to make money online from what was a hobby up to this point.
Image result for ‫كورسات اون لاين‬‎
Websites like iStock and Shutterstock will allow you to post your photos on their sites. Because they are common sources of images, you'll get people searching for very specific types of images. If they download an image from your photos, you can earn a few cents to a few dollars for each image you downloaded.
If you can create an online wallet with hundreds of photos people are interested in downloading, you may have created one of the best sources of negative revenue. Take a look at the types of images you see appear online, and customize your work to meet this need.
Online education
Helping experts at your fingertips is the motto of the 21st century, and this has been extended to learning as well. Students around the world today are seeking experienced teachers who can help with their academic studies. There are many websites such as Skooli.com, Tutorme.com, pstemcoaching.com, and tutoreye.com that serve as platforms to connect students and teachers. You can also become a teacher and make money from your home.
Buy and sell used books
This is another favorite way to make money online! Everyone used books somewhere in their homes, and a website like BookScouter can help you turn some of them into cash.

BookScouter is actually a website that collects book buyers. They work with dozens of companies that buy books. You can enter the ISBN on the website, and it will connect you with the buyer who will pay more for the book. Then you send the book to the site in a prepaid envelope, and you'll get money in a few days.

Education in Egypt and online courses

Education in Egypt and online courses

Hassan compares education here with his experience in courses offered by foreign universities.

The problem in his opinion managed in the way inherited in education. From the elementary stage, the education system has been routine and rigid. Instead of trying to discover the child's inclinations and talents, he scales him down and intimidates him from making mistakes. What he loves.
The habit of qualifying teachers
Image result for ‫كورسات اون لاين‬‎
Both teachers or professors abroad study the psychology of dealing with students, as well as their research and suggestions in this area. The gap is very large between us and them, and what we need is a reassessment and rehabilitation of all the “educational” staples, whether in schools or universities. This will only be done through government decisions including a comprehensive development plan.

Curriculum development is easy if the mentality of dealing with students evolves, he explains. If teachers understand the psychology of children and students, they will develop a method of explanation, and hence the need to develop curricula, in a scientific and realistic manner.

How do you discover yourself?

“Experimentation is the only thing that ensures you know what you want and love in life,” Hassan said.

“We don't have a culture of experimentation,” he says. “Parents have to watch and encourage their children's concerns, if they find the child likes painting, ball or anything else. "Instead, the young parents or the child are reluctant to just study."

Why should we benefit from online courses? Learn from youth experiences

If you are a student or graduate, friends will advise you to develop your skills to ensure a prestigious job, work in a field you love, or even save money. You will find the Internet filled with educational platforms in various fields, such as «Coursera» and «Udemy» and «Idrak» and «Riwaq» in Arabic; But does self-education or online courses stand at this point?
Some young people believe that online courses are a parallel alternative to traditional education that is not interested in discovering students' inclinations.
Image result for ‫كورسات اون لاين‬‎

From learning to teaching others

The story of «Hassan Alaa» in self-education began with the site «Coursera» in order to develop himself in the field of study. «Hassan» student of the third year in the Faculty of Science Department «Geological Physics» Al-Azhar University.

Hassan found the “The Dynamic Earth” course from the American Museum of Natural History. But he expanded these courses to include other knowledge outside his specialty.
Self-education or online encouraged Hassan to discover himself more, despite his love for his field of study. He discovered his passion for simplifying science for children, and began his first real steps to realize his dream through the online magazine Science Shop.

Hassan Alaa's experience has made him encourage others to take online courses. »Learn how to learn» to start with them then a course in the same field in English on the site «Coursera» entitled «Learn How to learn».

Hassan is also preparing to work on a science simplification course for children in collaboration with the GPA or Genius Planet Academy.


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